Blanket Scarves are Amazing Accessories no Matter the Occasion

Blanket scarves are just perfect if you look for something cozy and especially very war. They are stunning, big and cozy designs in various lengths, shapes, colors and prints. In other words saying there are numerous of fashion styles to try out this year. Believe me, each one of the showcased designs will for sure update your look. Personally, I like these scarves for their versatile and unique look. If you are inspired you could combine it in various ways in order to avoid to look bulky on you.

If you do love big scarves, then I am pretty sure you gonna love this trend. Yes, truly, because they are truly big. If you are just a beginner to these designs, then let me help you with some basic tips and tricks to make them look awesome on your neck. First of all, you should balance the silhouette. Usually blanket scarf is square shaped and oversized, that’s why it’s very important keeping the balance of your look by pairing voluminous knitted scarf with slim silhouette clothes. You could easily combine it with small jackets. For example you could try it with a leather jacket , it is very cool I assure you.