Sandals – everyone’s favorite

Definitely yes, sandals are every girl favorites. It doesn’t matter if you’re 40 or 20 years old, we all love sandals because they are extraordinary versatile. Actually, the main advantage of sandals is their comfort. This type of footwear is great and manages to stay fashionable year after year.
It’s important to have a comfortable pair of shoes and sandals are perfect for the job. They are great to be worn when you’re going to high school, college or just shopping.



If we were to take a look on what it’s happening on fashion magazine for young women, we would see that at the New York Fashion Week designers came with a lot of interesting proposals, one more interesting than another. Further on, fashion trends are heading towards: platforms, dynamic colors and high heels, yes, a lot of high heels (especially thick square heels).

I believe that for everybody it’s a great pleasure to get rid of all those boots and fur-lined ones.

Coming back to girl shoes trends, we have to admit that, without being a super specialist, you can easily see that things haven’t changed a lot since last year. Fashion for high school is kind of tricky.

Basically, what I’ve noticed it’s that there is a preference for shoes with character. In fact, it’s about expressing your personality not only with your clothes, but also with the shoes you were wearing.

As I was saying above, shoes with high heels are still on top, but we are talking about the thick square heels. Anyhow this kind of shoes is not recommended for this age.