HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS FASHION – 15th years ago this sentence didn’t have any sense. How come, you might ask…? Well, very simple because society wasn’t so complex like now and high school girls weren’t worrying about fashion like today. Nowadays, if they don’t guide themselves after the latest fashion trends (speaking both about outfits and even behavior), they are immediately called geeks or freaks.
What is really happening? Today it really matters a lot what you are wearing. And in high school this counts a lot too. Unfortunately, I would add, because it isn’t quite moral and most of all healthy for young girls mind.

But because it is still happening, it’s good for a high school girl to be at least decently dressed so she will not draw attention to her and start discussions or hard words.
Serials like “Gossip Girl” for example don’t do anything but growing high school girls ambition to look very good.


There are some communities in high schools where fashion is dictated by musical preferences. But generally it’s good that along with the desire to dress accordingly to the latest fashion tendencies still remains the desire of girls to dress comfortable.
Therefore, boots remains everybody’s favorite. Tights and jeans are still on top, matched sometimes with UGG boots. Also in trends remains knitted clothes (sweaters and dresses) which you can wear in different seasons.
It’s imperative not to forget an extremely important aspect. What aspect, you might ask yourself. It’s about the accessories. So a belt, bags, jewels, watches; they all help young high school girls to look very trendy.
It is said that the way you dress talks about you so my advice is – keep it cool and decent!