Which is best? To dress fashionable and risk to be vulgar or to dress decent and risk to be a common teenager?
Nowadays the notion of “latest trends” it’s on everybody’s lips and even if some understand it or not, there is on the teenagers lips too.
My most important advice which I’d like you to remember all the time is: young girls and boys, learn to dress according to your character. Well, yes, this is absolutely essential; you shouldn’t wear something or another only because your classmate is wearing it or because your favorite TV star does it. You have to be able to dress according to your personality, on your own feelings.
Try to dress nice and decent, be comfortable and avoid looking foolish. If it’s winter things are more complex because you have to choose an elegant winter coat yet comfortable. Avoid furs because they don’t suit your age. If it’s spring like now, try to take advantage on the warm weather and take long walks, being careful with your outfits. Avoid those too elegant high heels when walking into the park, to picnics or concerts. It’s really ridiculous and very uncomfortable too.
The border between elegant and foolish is very thin so you have to take really good care when coming to accessories. They are really nice and a lot of times helpful, but they don’t have to be too big. It’s normal to wish at 16-17 years old to pop-up in everyone’s attention, but it matters how. Make sure it’s not in a wrong way. Take care also to avoid big earrings or very big necklaces because they don’t fit your age and image.