Tips for teenage girls, how to dress well

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It is certain that today’s teens increasingly adopt styles varied according to their personality, to be noticed easier, but we noticed that increasingly more companies choose famous teenagers how to procure various clothing.
Fashion has a great impact on the adolescent psyche because when they are dressed as the trend becomes safer, reliable.

For some people choosing outfits every day is a priority for some is a passion while for others it is enough to wear something to cover their nakedness or simply to defend the cold.
It seems that among teenagers today the expression “clothes make the man” is known as to what they are trying to attract as much attention with their style of dress and their ability to combine different clothing items.

Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Versace, Prada, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Gucci are names well known especially among teenagers who try ever harder to impose by what they wear, the dress style adopted. Also, the fact that they choose to wear clothing items from some well-known companies in the fashion and keep emphasizing that they are part of a certain social class will show that they have a better financial situation and can afford to procure clothing.

All girls want to be beautiful, even the most studied and which, at first glance, seem to not place a high value on appearance, they want to be divas for at least a day. Therefore, fashion magazines, beauty salons and designers creations are businesses that thrive from day to day. We know that, especially in adolescence, boys are attracted to a girl’s appearance. If you are a teenager and want to know how to dress, read the following material.

First you need to know: comfort is key, remember Buzz. The first and probably most important fashion tip for girls is to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. If you wear something uncomfortable will immediately see your face and your image will be affected.

Also, dress according to your body. In terms of clothes, always opt for clothes that hide your flaws and that you highlight the good parts. If you have big boobs or big shoulders, wearing shirts that do not attract attention in these areas. For example, if you have big boobs, do not wear a shirt with something written exactly in this area. Also, if you have big ass, do not wear jeans that put it out.

A right makeup is an essential element of a good image. During the day, choose a more natural and avoid colors like blue or green when you apply makeup.

Also, remember that when you go to school you can not use the same makeup that when you go out. So during school hours to avoid excessive use mascara or lipstick. Evening or weekend you can experience what colors you want, but to take into account the fact that we should not look vulgar because makeup. Also, in terms of lipstick, avoid dark colors sometimes taken to the extreme. For example, what would you think about a girl wearing black lipstick?