Teen fashion, caprice or just necessity?

teen girl
photo source: thephoenix.com

In principle who does not want to look right? Well yes, any age that you have your wishes, naturally. Especially if you’re 15-16 years old and a young teenage girl.

Today, but not only, we find very important how we present ourselves in society. Whether you are large or small, we are all interested in how they look. I think this is normal, as long as we think of ourselves, the idea of ​​us we feel good, but unfortunately not the case. Most of us take fashion styles but not necessarily own tastes as they want to be seen by others or as believe we should look to “make them pleasing others.” Be it adults or old, all are concerned about their social status, which some consider very much influenced by clothing. Relating to adolescents who have chosen to speak because we is easier, making new parts of them, things are more complicated because we are in a period of change and influence those around them do their best presence felt.
Communicate and turn into what you wear. I think that the outward appearance reveals not only the social, economic and educţional, but talks about a person’s character. Therefore, their clothing can be used to transmit something. In addition, the way we dress does not influence those with whom we interact, but also ourselves, because to a large extent become what we wear, or the way we dress ourselves influence our behavior.
Speaking of young people, especially about teenagers, they are most concerned about a better position in the community to which they belong and the group of friends. They consider the look as close to the top of the hierarchy and the most important things that a great deal of time and spend dealing with them. It is of course very important for people to be cared for and to care for them, but when we make this almost an obsession and give it too much importance, that it is not proper, affect us as humans .
Although teenagers appearance is very important, they should not fall into the trap, why not to apply other criteria but also forced out not influenced by others in a negative way. Being easily influenced period, it is normal for them to take into account the views of others, in several areas, but also in the clothes. However, not only those closest to young people influences such as family, best friends or boyfriends / girlfriends. They are influenced and sometimes even manipulated by the media. Manipulated saying that I mean they do not know the purpose of the media and is considered one even better. Of course, it also promotes, latest trends, where no one denies that they listen to and even after, but being totally aware. If you make it a habit and get into situations where we are not able to choose an outfit without any advice from magazines and websites, we can say that we are about to lose our power to control our own capacity decision and your own taste.
So often, young people are influenced by who should not, without taking into account their own opinions and tastes. For example, some adopt a style of clothing just to be able to enter a group because they really want it. Others dress in a certain way just to be like some celebrities, and became confused. Other young people are somehow “forced” to dress in a certain kind of family, only to meet a certain status, which is given and how they are perceived in society. Other institutions have a greater or lesser influence on youth clothing, such as church, school. Thus, our school requires a certain behavior and a certain style, promoting decency and rejecting some deviations. This is where most problems, one of them being differences. In school, it is considered normal that everybody is the same (talking about schools where the student is not present uniforms), and if a student adopts a different style, but not indecent, is considered inappropriate just because it is different . The problem starts to equal the school should promote and demonstrate understanding regarding the differences. Church as an institution of spiritual life, there is currently importance of youth had in the past. Of course, this varies from one religion to another. However, most young people do not consider when they choose an outfit to what promotes church.